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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
I found an anomaly with one channel's EPG data inside my epg.xml (XMLTV file), which seems to be faulty.
If I replace the channel ID with another channel inside the settings2.xml, it works fine, but not with the corresponding channel EPG.
There is no EPG data showing for that channel.
At first I suspected the encoding, which I changed from UTF-8 to ANSI but that still didn't show EPG data inside PTV.

I then reverted back to ALL the original settings that worked previously (7 USTVNOW + 2 LiveTV channels) by deleting the cache / settings.xml file,
replacing the old encoding for the epg.xml and reset all channels. The stream opened, but the EPG could not be parsed for one channel called ZDF.

(I cannot post to pastebin anymore and I don't want to pay them money for the pro account, the alternatives refuse to accept my log due to size)

From what I've seen now it appears like from the 6 channels displayed in the EPG (, the first always screws up the EPG and is not displayed.
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