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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-11, 16:18)Lunatixz Wrote: How do you guys store your media... do you use a standard format like:

/TVshows/Hell on Wheels/Season1

I ask because I would like to add an option to download missing local art when its queued for display in the EPG or Overlay... Problem is making sure I save the file to the correct location...
I store mine in the same way with slightly different folder names.

(2013-12-10, 05:03)Lunatixz Wrote: Any feedback on dynamic artwork? is it working for you? any problems?
I am not sure exactly what to expect here Luna. But here is my experience - when I enable tvdb, tvdb fanart and sickbeard and click force reset my epg for live tv takes a very long time to populate especially compared to when those are not ticked. In the epg the fanart works great on my local media but I am not seeing anything on live tv as far as fanart. All I see on live tv is the grey tv that has been there since I started using the addon. I do have api keys for tvdb, and tmdb but have not enabled the last two yet.
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