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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-14, 19:40)MovieJunky Wrote: Any non-english TV watching users here that can share their experience with XML and PTV, as I saw no reply to my post after being asked to post my log.

You were asked to run a scan on your epg,xml, instead you sent it to me?

You need to follow the instructions I gave you, then I can help... go back and read my replies Smile

(2013-12-14, 15:52)MrsAngelD Wrote: Actually I'm having a bit of an issue, for some reason the "guide" isn't properly displaying

As you can see it's only showing one TV Show per channel I'm not sure why. It only appears to happen with TV channels. I'm using the latest version of master.

Here's my log

Oh and suggestion Big Grin I have been able to interleave youtube channels which works great, so I can have say the onion yt channel & cinema sins playing on one channel. But I notice when I hit the info button, it doesn't say what channel the video is on, so maybe you could possibly add that info to the info overlay in some way. Just a thought

Looking into it, but you need to enable debugging in PTVL, follow instruction in previous post.
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