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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-17, 18:07)MovieJunky Wrote: A more fundamental question, that I haven't seen answered in 173 pages.
When I set a local channel to reset every 24 hours, does that mean that
1. - the channel will be rebuilt with the existing playlist
2. - PTV will generate the channel from scratch and new library items will get integrated since the last time
the channel was created (like a reset in the settings)

If 2. happens, that would be awesome for not having to stop PTV everytime something new gets added to the library and then reseting all channels again.
I cannot expect my wife to do that if she cannot find the most recent episode of "The Bachelor" on a channel, but it's part of the library already
and in the playlist.

I am pretty sure that if you set a channel to rebuild every 24 hours, or whatever period of length, it will use whatever episodes/movies you have scraped into your library based on the criteria you have specified for that channel, whether a playlist or the channel rules you have selected.
So if you have scraped last night's episode of "The Bachelor" into XBMC and then reset your "The Bachelor" Channel, the scraped episode would be eligible to be included in that channel, again, based on your criteria.

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