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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-18, 20:43)Sleuteltje Wrote: The second option, it's better that the channel fails because of a dead link.

I put a backup link of a short movie showing tv static in my strm files. So that the channel doesn't fail.
If PseudoTV would remove the line from the strm file, that would be a shame, since a channel can come back up again. I rather keep maintance on my strm files in my own hands for now.

A question beside that, if PTVL checks all .strm files, would that make PTVL start up much slower? If so, i guess i'm gonna stick with override stream check, and just keep using "backup fallback video-links"

Smile, thnx for giving us users the chance for input.

Hmmm I like that idea, what if instead of deleting a dead link from within a strm file, I place a "static" video or something into the strm...
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