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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution

I was trying to add channels from F.T.V. and Sportsdevil. But those add-ons don't seem to play nice with PTVL. Could you shed some light on the problem, and if I should just give up?

I was trying to make a complete package so i could share it here. A nice little xmas present.
I've added a bunch of tv channels from the plugin SportsDevil and F.T.V. First i added the working stream to my xbmc favorites. From there i pasted the plugin:// link into a .strm file.
When i was done and added all of them to my settings2.xml file, i loaded up PTVL to test them all, just to come to the conclusion PTVL + SportsDevil / F.T.V. don't play nice together Sad. I'm really bumped out atm, cause it was many hours of work.

The strange thing is they work when i play them from my xbmc favorites. But if i play them from my favorites and stop them, they will play again. This only stops if i press escape and make sure i'm at the home menu again. I think that this is where the issue lies.

In PTVL the channel doesn't work on the first load. After it's done playing the static video (second line in the .strm file), it tries to play again, most of the times the channel loads and play for a second, after that second it looks like it tries to reload, fails, and we see the static video again. Really frustrating, cause you see for a second that the channel works.

Is this something that i should bring to the attention of the plugin creators of F.T.V. and Sportsdevil? Or is it something PTVL does, since it does work from favorites? If so, would a fix be possible?

I really would like to make them work. I've gotten quite a few channels from those plugin like BBC, Animal Planet etc. which i would like to have in PTVL Smile. I've also tried to sniff the rtmp:// link from those filmon streams and such with UrlSnooper. But i can't seem to get it right, with the playpath etc.

I'm getting a bit desperate here. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here are the *.strm files and the settings2.xml:

(Note that most of them won't work, unless there's a solution posted) Some streams require the following addons:
- Nederland 24
- F.T.V.
- Sportsdevil

EDIT: The *.strm files will play on themselves in XBMC. *.strm files that need the F.T.V. or Sportsdevil plugin to, they just won't play in PTVL.
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