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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-27, 17:35)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-12-27, 17:00)ARYEZ Wrote:
Quote:also, is it possible to replace guide data for channels that display a continuous "Three Dots ..."? as an example, the Movie Trailers Channel. Can the guide be made to just say "Currenlty in Theaters" of "coming soon"

Select the option "hide very short videos and set it to 360...that will make The trailers channel display a single continuous bar that says the name of the channel.

I use it for trailers and music videos...much cleaner then all the ...'s IMO.

@ ARYEZ Are u still noticing EPG slow downs only when hide short is enabled?

Hey I just got out work and saw this...Ill check it out when I get home. I built a new server on Christmas and everything runs about 1000% smoother. It's possible that the "hide short videos" slowdown was happening on my end, so I'll test it out and let you know what I find.
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