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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Vevo tv autotune doesn't seem to work. Gives the black screen of death.

(2013-12-29, 04:38)chrisny9 Wrote: I love this add on. It is going to finally allow me to convince my wife to cut the cable. I am a complete nube with xml but actually have things working pretty well however I am having 2 issues with streams.
The first and more serious is with live tv streams from my hdhomerun. I have created stream files and set up the channels the way you described in the 2nd post but they will just freeze on me at random times. Switching the channel and then changing it back usually fixes it, if I leave it on the channel it says it is buffering and eventually starts playing again but not where it left off it starts back live and we miss 3-5 min of the program. This does not make sence to me since this is OTA and not streaming via the internet.
The second is for my channels generatged from hulu strms. When I choose a channel in the middle of a program it skips to the next time slot and starts that show instead. I am assuming this is an issue with hulu not being able to start a strm in the middle.
Of the 2 of these the first one is more of an issue for me, I do not seem have this problem when playing live tv via the mediaportal add on so it is not my signal.
If anyone else has these issues or has found a fix for them I could really use some help.

I had that problem with hulu as well. Make sure that you have all of the ad's/commercial options turned off in the hulu plugin settings. Its works great for me after that.
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