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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
BCT's will have the following options for interleaving: Auto|1|2|3|4|5 Each, Bumper, Commercial, and Trailer will have those options, how they work?
PTVL will take the remaining time between the previous show and the rounded half-hour filling at random (bumpers, commercials, trailers). In a pairing that will best fills that slot of time.
So if you have a show that is 28mins long, and you have all three set to auto. PTVL will look to fill the 2 mins with whatever combination comes closes to that 2 min time slot.
This adds the "PseudoTV" effect of rounded time slots...

PTVL Will place that limit between each show, So a configuration of:
Bumpers = 1
Commercials = 2
Trailers = 1
Will at random grab and interleave those four files between each show.

Should be noted that Movie channels have separate option to enable trailers only, no Bumpers or commercials...

Since this has the potential to really mess things up with PTVL, I need testers, before I push the updates... if you meet the below requirements; PM me...

1. Your experienced with both computers and PTVL
2. Running XBMC on windows
3. You have a pretty decent collection of bumpers, commercials and trailers...
4. You gave the time to play around with all different channel combinations and send me logs for analysis.

On a personal note, this feature is starting to look pretty cool, lol
I might have to build up a collection of (bumpers, commercials and trailers) for myself.

The only real problem I see ATM is the bug with youtube that causes PTVL to exit... If anyone has any ideas of why the youtube plugin shuts down PTVL, or if you know of a method of play youtube videos directly without the need for the plug...let me know Smile
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