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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution

Exciting new features coming with BCT's...

For commercials an "Internet" option (for donors only) will allow auto population of commercials based on user selected region and year. It will also include 720p, 480, 360 Video resolutions...
An option for "Local" commercials and youtube commercials are also available to all users. "Local" will populate based on files found in a selected folder.
Youtube will have full types available (Channel, Playlist, User Subscription) for user configuration...

All BCT's are interleaved between programs automatically, no need for nfos, or special channel configurations...

Since rewriting BCT's from the ground up, I've almost completely eliminated user collection responsibility. Any users without trailers, and commercials will be able to experience these features solely by internet or youtube sources...

Bumpers on the other hand need to be broken up by network, ATM this will require a user video collection.
If anyone knows of a good "Internet" source for bumpers that are already broken up by "network" please PM me the details...
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