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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-05, 23:02)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-01-05, 22:58)smurfet Wrote:
(2014-01-05, 22:50)Lunatixz Wrote: No problem, I'm cool with it... but the forum recently closed a whole thread ("livestream") that's been around for years; because of a users posting feed links...

I don't need to bring that nonsense here, i'm sure you can agree...

@smurfet, it sounds to me like your're completely new to XBMC. I suggest you head to XBMC wiki and do some reading on how xbmc works, where files are stored and how to configure and use plugins/addon, etc.
This forum is for Pseudotv Live not a how to use xbmc... there are plenty of threads and topics that can help you gain the basic knowledge you're missing... Once informed, I will be more then happy to help you with your PTVL setup.

If a good Samaritan wants to PM you instructions; great... but I rather not do it here!

But im just looking for where the settings2.xml file is in your zip file

Did you install the plugin?

thanks for sticking with me i really appreciate it

yeh i downloaded a folder called copied it to usb then copied it to pivos xios which has xbmc on it went into add on install from zip which installed sussufully then went into programmes and sure enough pseudo live tv was there and havd bbc stream revision stream and 2 more so im sure i installed the plugin? If i need to do more i must have missed something forgive me

should i have installed a plugin of some sort?? please forgive me i have used only psuedo tv in the past for local media

if not where have i gone wrong
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