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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-30, 07:14)Indy_star Wrote:
<setting id="Channel_853_type" value="10" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_1" value="PL9bsPVRSg1sl0kSa99jrim69esS0lQrkF" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_2" value="2" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_3" value="50" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_changed" value="False" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_853_rule_1_opt_1" value="KidsTV123 Youtube" />

1st line we specify it is Youtube with a value of "10"
2nd line we specify a playlist. You get this from the URL of the playlist you are using. The first page has perfect example of what is needed, but if it doesn't make sense, I will clarify even further, just ask.
3rd line we tell the Pluggin that we are specifying a Playlist from Youtube. Value "2" = Playlist from Youtube.

For the most part leave the rest the same, last line is the channel name you want to call it. So "KidsTV123 Youtube" you would specify a name that means something to you.

I have copied and pasted this into my settings2.xml file, I changed the playlist path to a playlist I created earlier today of music videos... I get black screen and the loading popup steady keeps trying to load up and eventually PTV will close... it does show up in my EPG and I have even copied and pasted the example above into my file and it works, but if I take it and edit the channel number, the name, and the playlist path I get black screen... any help? my playlist is a public list on YT, does that matter, I would prefer to make them unlisted or private if possible...

UPDATE: I created a second channel using some longer files, they were posted by individuals and that channel works, but the playlist channel I created using music videos, like vevo videos, any chance they have some sort of block on thoseHuh
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