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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-08, 23:17)Elixxen Wrote: I've been working for days now trying to get this set up and I have finally figured it out! Love it! I have a few questions though.

1. I use scrapped Hulu content in a lot of the channels so when switching between channels there's this loading screen for opening up the stream. Is there a way around this? Or any way to make it a little smoother? Does the delay between channel switches option have anything to do with this?

2. How can I get my channels to mix my content a bit more? For example, I have a channel with ABC content and a lot of the time there's 3-4 Grey's Anatomy episodes in a row. I guess that's because I have the most episodes of that show. Is there a way to have PsedueTV mix everything so there's never a time where the same show comes up two times in a row?


1. No... Its from the hulu plugin, not PTVL. Yes, delay would prolong channel change which would worsen your case.

2. Use the in app channel manager, advanced rules and custom playlists to create anything u want.
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