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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-09, 01:35)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-01-09, 01:21)Elixxen Wrote:
(2014-01-09, 00:39)Lunatixz Wrote: 1. No... Its from the hulu plugin, not PTVL. Yes, delay would prolong channel change which would worsen your case.

2. Use the in app channel manager, advanced rules and custom playlists to create anything u want.

Thanks a bunch! One more question, I can't seem to get Posters for my TV shows showing. I've added the TVDB API in the settings but nothing happens. Why doesn't it just use the scrapped images btw?

It does, tvdb is needed for livetv... Read post 2 to learn about dynamic artwork. In order for you to understand why its not working.

I have read that part but I still don't quite get what I'm doing wrong. I feel like a pain right now but could you please explain with a bit more detail? I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff.

Also I'm trying to add a smart playlist as a channel but whenever I go into the channel configuration and choose smart playlist there's no way to select which playlist I want. When I jump down it automatically goes to advanced rules and then I can't go up anymore.
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