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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-09, 09:10)IndolentShirker Wrote: I have a quick question regarding BCTs if nobody minds.

What’s the best way to go about setting up commercials using a local source? I downloaded a batch of old 80s and 90s ads and public service announcements and they came with all manner of names and file types.

What works best as far as naming conventions go?
Do they need separate network folders like the bumpers did?

I felt I should ask after just directing the settings menu toward the folder they’re stored in had them not showing up at all.


(2014-01-09, 10:31)MovieJunky Wrote: I am not sure whether I am experiencing a bug, but PTV has been unwilling so far to create a channel with Game of Thrones playign from 1x01 - to the end.
I used the exact same rules as for my "The Wire" channel, which works without a hitch there. PTV keeps on starting the GoT channel with episode 1x06,
then skips to 1x08, even though i have all episodes of season 1.

"Only play unwatched items"
"Play in order"
"Pause when not watching"

I thought perhaps the watched flag is set for some of the episodes of GoT, but those are all unwatched and I even removed the show from XBMC and
added it again, but to no avail. I am unsure whether my database is corrupted or this is PTVs "fault".
I looked through the logs but I was unable to find any information.

Already answered, search the forum...

(2014-01-09, 15:41)smallclone Wrote: Awesome addon. Can I ask......... Will an Intel NUC Celeron 847 with 4GM RAM handle it ok?

if you don't run XBMC in HD yes, otherwise I doubt it...
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