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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-22, 23:44)tromy Wrote:
(2014-01-22, 22:15)Lunatixz Wrote: ::Update::

Gotham support coming very soon, Dynamic artwork for both local and LiveTV is being revamped to include downloading missing artwork using either (direct download or artwork.downloader script).

are there any bugs I forgot to fix?? Please let me know... Is the problem with special characters (non-English) causing missing movie plots fixed?

I still have the problem luna with greek characters.Here's an example.
I have 10 movies with genre "action" and plot+title in english.PTVL generates 1 channel with all the movies ok
I change 5 of them and create nfo with greek plot+title(xbmc sees all ok).PTVL generates 1 channel only with the english movies.
I change all of them .................................................................................PTVL don't generate channel at all.

Taken from your log, the problem isn't with PTVL but how your media was scraped into XBMC database...
"plot":"O Charly Mattei,      ,    .        ,         . ,                       .","plotoutline":"","runtime":0,
[u'"genre":["Action"],"imdbnumber":"tt1167638","label":"22 \u03a3\u03c6\u03b1\u03af\u03c1\u03b5\u03c2","movieid":273,"title":"22 \u03a3\u03c6\u03b1\u03af\u03c1\u03b5\u03c2","year":2010']

The json response from your system isn't correct, which is why PTVL can't parse it....

I'm sure its related to non-english text, but I dont' think the break down is with PTVL, which is trying to parse that bad data...
I could be wrong... but for testing purposes I added a movie to my library which contains non-english characters, and at first I ran into problems... but I made corrects and now I'm running fine...
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