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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-30, 16:22)Indy_star Wrote: Luna, is the LiveTV Artwork suppose to be working now with the improved enhanced LiveTV? I'm using 0.3.2 and enabled the settings, also have my API key but still don't get any artwork for LiveTV channels. Should this be working now, need a log?

No, I'm rewriting the code... Should be finished soon.

(2014-01-30, 21:24)HeLLy187 Wrote: Hey Luna I recently put a version of XBMC on my Boxee Box and I scraped all my movies and tv shows. When Loading PTL it tells me that I didnt correctly scrape my files. I am not sure if you need a log or even worried about supporting XBMC on Boxee Box for PTL if not not biggies. Maybe I just need to change a file.

I have no idea about Boxxee, Obviously you hacked your box to install XBMC? which means you are probably running an unofficial build of XBMC? So anything could be wrong... Your best bet is to turn on debugging and xbmc and ptvl and study the logs...

(2014-01-30, 10:51)tromy Wrote: Hello,
I have an issue with the posters of tv shows not showing on the info window when i use aurora skin.Does anyone uses this skin?All name of the images are (poster,landscape,fanart) and dynamic artwork works except tv shows posters.Movie posters works ok!
Also in default skin tv show posters works ok.

Any ideas?

?? I dunno ?? ARYEZ would probably know, its his skin...

Does it work in PTVL SKin? You mentioned it works in default?
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