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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Living room is up and running completely with this.

I will ask on this thread since this addon is the most crucial to my desired functionality.

Anyone using this on raspberry pi? I see there is a version of XMBC that runs natively as the OS but was curious if this worked on it.

I have a few questions I am seeking answers too (as this device would be a good bed room solution). The first question is how do you natvigate to the settings2.xml file if there is no OS behind it?

On another note: I am still struggling with the advanced channel options. I cannont get it to play in the following order:

Show 1 EP1
Show 1 EP2
Show 2 EP1
Show 2 EP2
Show 3 EP1
Show 3 EP2
Show 1 EP3
Show 1 EP3

It just plays show 1 twice, then show two once, and then goes back to show 1. Any ideas?
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