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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-02-05, 20:31)mwkurt Wrote:
(2014-02-05, 19:51)moontan77 Wrote: I have about 20 channel channels setup where about 15 are setup to play random episodes of tv shows. They are setup to play the latest episodes of different genres of tv shows.

So for example, i have playlist to show the latest comedy episodes, with the first entry in the playlist the newest. When i open psuedotv each day i want it to start with the first entry of the playlist. Unfortunately that doesnt usually happen, as it could play en episode that aired last week even though there is newer episodes in the playlist. The playlist itself is ok. I have "time between channel resets" set to every time and default times set to real time. Is there anyway i can guarantee that psuedo tv will always start with the first entry in the playlist (for all channels) each time its opened?

If one of your channel rules is "Play only unwatched episodes", and you have actually watched the new episodes, then whenever you reset the channel (in your case, "every time") you should get only those episodes that are not watched. This should effectively eliminate any episodes you have watched on that channel so that only those newer episodes will be played. You may also want to look at playing your episodes in order as opposed to this, "setup to play random episodes of tv shows".


After closing and opening the psuedo tv addon a few times it does seem to eventually start at the start of the playlist like i want but it never seems to do it the first time i use the addon during a day even though the addon is set to reset each time. When i first checked the m3u files generated today the first time the addon was run, it did include the latest episodes, but psuedotv started with epidoes half way down the m3u file that were on last week.

I dont use "Play only unwatched episodes" as i use a mysql setup without profiles. I use random episdoes for old tv shows where i dont mind which order there in (not for new shows).

oops, my earlier post wasnt clear. Was meant to say "The others are setup to play the latest episodes of different genres of tv shows (organised by date added not random)".
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