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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Never mind, I just figured out that I will need to place the rtmp in a strm file instead of directly in the 13_2 field.

(2014-02-06, 19:18)trancen Wrote: First awesome fork. I setup it up with my xbmc 12.3 and works great on the demo settings2.xml file.
So I started to play around with the file trying to add one 'channel' to see how its done but I'm having a problem with this:

<setting id="Channel_13_type" value="9" />
<setting id="Channel_13_1" value="5400" />
<setting id="Channel_13_2" value="rtmp:// app=live swfUrl= pageURL= playpath=RT_3 live=true" />
<setting id="Channel_13_3" value="RT" />
<setting id="Channel_13_4" value="RT Stream" />
<setting id="Channel_13_rulecount" value="1" />
<setting id="Channel_13_changed" value="False" />
<setting id="Channel_13_time" value="331" />
<setting id="Channel_13_rule_1_id" value="1" />
<setting id="Channel_13_rule_1_opt_1" value="RT" />
<setting id="LastResetTime" value="1391701261" />
<setting id="LastExitTime" value="1391701287" />

I used the rtmp string in my LIVETV setup and it works so I know the stream isn't dead. But when I use it in PTVL I get the "Unable to populate channels" error. Looking at the xbmc.log file I don't see what the error could be.

Can anyone shed a light as to why the above is failing to work?

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