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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution

Ok, after messing with the advanced channel options I still can't get it to work.

Edit: The more I mess with these options the more it seems to be a little in consistent as to whether it saves or not. Also they aren't being applied at all. I can't even get a channel to play the episodes in order if I use a preset channel filter, it is just random.

With my customer playlist I am trying to get:

Show 1 EP1
Show 1 EP2
Show 2 EP1
Show 2 EP2
Show 3 EP1
Show 3 EP2

All I can get it to do is the following:

Show 1 EP1
Show 1 EP2
Show 2 EP1
Show 1 EP3
Show 1 EP4
Show 2 EP2

It never even gets to show 3 and beyond, I am assuming that it would further in the future once it ran out of show one.

Lastly, I was messing with the EPG color settings, and for some reason I can't not get it to work. On genre it will hit some and on channel it just marks my live channels green and my content channels some sort of grey.

Any ideas?

Edit: I figured out the issue when it is set to channel, I use a lot of custom playlist. Still would like it to pick up genre a little better so it was a multi colored guide.
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