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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Hey Guys thanks for responding.

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Have you configured any channels within PTVL?
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There is no specific help for OSX (or any OS really) because this addon is OS independent. You just have to know where XBMC stores it's data for your OS which you can find in the XBMC wiki if you are unsure.
Mac OS X /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/XBMC/userdata/[PseudoTVLive Add-on]

Settings2.xml is generated the first time you run PTVL so make sure to run it at least once before looking for the file.

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I have run PTVL several times since I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago. Most of my channels were auto tuned(not sure if that makes a difference) but they reload every time so I know my computer is storing information somewhere I was just having trouble figuring out where. I will go to the link Indy_Star posted and see if that helps. Thank you.

Thank you Indy_Star. I'm all fixed. That answered my question.Thank you!Thank you!Thank you! You have no idea how frustrating this has been.
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