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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Thanks I've just finished reading it entirely.
It does cover it quite well I must say.
Still it seems I cannot do what I'd like to do.
I'll try and explain my problem see if it's fixable with this version of pseudo TV

Basically I have many old shows that have separate intro's and endings (lots of old shows).
To save space they have been ripped separately (at the time this was deemed a great idea, but now I regret it)

So what I'd like PseudoTV to do is before each episode of SHOWXX go grab it's intro, play it, play the episode, grab the ending and play that.
Then play advert, bumper etc...

Now I read about interleaving channels but not too sure that'd work.
If anyone has any ideas I'd be VERY grateful.

I'd have to tell PTV or XBMC that each single episode of SHOWXX is composed as follows:

Apologies if I am being thick here.
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