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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-02-16, 12:14)Ovokx Wrote:
(2013-07-14, 07:16)Lunatixz Wrote: Dynamic Art / EPG Colors
Dynamic artwork, works while changing the highlighted (in focus) title in the EPG.
All PTVL Artwork using conventional file naming.

Dynamic artwork for regular channel types (0-7) will look for whatever artwork type (ie, poster,fanart,banner,landscape,logo,clearart) is set in the skin (this adds flexibility for skinners).
For example "landscape" is selected for the default skin, PTVL will look in your media folder for the selected titles landscape image and will search up to two parent directories; then display the image.

Dynamic artwork for LiveTV will use the tvdb/imdb id scraped earlier after enabling the API's (a force reset may be require). PTVL will look in "userdata/" for a matching image, if one is not found PTVL will download and save one; The artwork folder will fill with new images till a channel rebuild is called (either manually or automatically) which will clear the artwork cache...

Artwork Download

Direct Download - PseudoTV Live will use the tvdb/tmdb and api's to directly download the missing image and save it to the set options location..

Art.downloader.script - This feature will call the artwork downloader script and download the file. It is required that you enable "local" artwork in its settings.

First of all, thanks for this great update. I'm a user of the classic PTV and now I have decided to jump to this Live edition which is a really nice 'update' of the classic one!

Everything is running smoothly, but I can't see any artwork related to any movie/tv show during the display of the EPG or info menu (pressing "I" during the playback). I changed in the settings menu to display posters without success and then into fanart with the same results. This is really strange because I have both artworks displaying correctly in my XBMC library...

Any help on this please? Do I have to download again the art to other folder? Thank you in advance for your comments Smile

Best wishes from Spain!
PLTV uses:poster.jpg,landscape.jpg,logo.png.If u have these files for your movies-shows then u should see them in the epg and in the info panel.
The changes you made (fanart-poster..)I think u made for the show coming up not for the actual show.
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