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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-03-09, 21:39)tromy Wrote:
(2014-03-09, 20:05)ARYEZ Wrote:
(2014-03-09, 11:27)tromy Wrote: Is it possible in the "epg window" the plot of a show-movie to be autoscrolled?
The skin(xeebo) has autoscroll setting but it doesn't seem to work with PLTV and it's skins.

I actually spent a decent amount of time when writing Aurora trying to accomplish exactly this, but none of the usual techniques seemed to work. It is possible that it is just a limitation in PTV/PTVL but for what it is worth my old Orange Crush skin used to autoscroll on the overlay window--then again that was built off ancient PTV code from about a year and half ago and PTVL has made a number of quantum leaps forward since those days.
OK Aryez,I will manually "shorten" the plots in order to fit in the window until someone finds a solution.
I tell you again.You have done great work with aurora.The colors are perfect and the images the way they appear is great!
Suggestion:I think it would be better for the "live channels"the overlay window to show the plot(taken from the xmltv file) vertical like the other skins do,because now i see some of the plot horizontally and at the second line the you tube fallback.At the local channels it's nice as it is, to see the rating ,director,etc..

Hey glad you like Aurora and thanks for all the kind words...out of curiosity do any of the other skins autoscroll the plot on the EPG screen? I honestly don't know and I'm not actually home to check, but if none of them autoscroll then I am guessing it must just not be possible. Also can you post an example of the issue you are having with the live channels? Just so I can see the problem you are experiencing?
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