Theres a ventilation hole in there, also the room is isolated, so its really not that hot in there
if it would get to hot, ill put in a ventilator
Added 3 pics
One with star ceiling
Second and third, after putting carpet in for 90%
The low lights really give it a cinema feel, but they might be a bit too bright right now - it is hard to judge from these pictures.
Yeah just wait till its finished Smile
I knew you had something up your sleeve there. Tongue
Hehe Smile
Today carpet is finished, the seats are there.. so is the furniture Smile
The little stage is finished too.
Next up is placing speakerwires, and the wires for the projector...
Then placing speakers and the screen for the projector Smile
Cool, looking forward to more pics.
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First sneak preview added
Thats is a sweet room.
What size is it. Would love to do this in mine
3,5m wide x 7m length
Added some more finished pics Smile
Very Cool.
Are you planning on any acoustic wall treatments?
If needed yes..
But theres already some sound isolation behind the walls..
Also reflections are minimized by the carpet.
Gonna use REW software to see where i'm at right now.
Very nice setup Jealous..

Excuse all my questions... but..

What is the process for those ceiling lights would you have to remove plaster in ordinary ceiling to get them in?
Where do you buy them?
What color/type paint did you use for walls?

Doing up my backroom in this thread

Would appreciate comments you look like you know what your doing. I don't =)

Will steal many of your idea's unfortunatly Wink
Some things changed..
Will post tomorrow!
Nice update! Wink

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