RetroPlayer Test Builds (updated for Leia)

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(Yesterday 18:08)Szymon_Zy Wrote:  I wonder ... because @the moment using retroplayer is rather complicated are you going to provide some documentation for end users at the wiki?

You mean this section of the wiki? It has a decent amount of information at the moment. Things are still so up in the air that it doesn't make sense to write a bunch of documentation yet. Retroplayer isn't quite ready for end users yet, but it's getting closer, especially with some recent PR's coming down the pipe. Maybe after the game library is implemented it will be easy enough for end users to get up and running.
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(Yesterday 19:36)Powerhouse Wrote:  Retroplayer is not complicated, there just isn't a lot of directions that are easy to understand at the moment. So let me help out a bit.

1. Download one of the builds from the first page of this thread (the ones from Garbear have everything basically setup already). I'm using the Windows version for comparison, and have an Xbox One controller, but have also used an Xbox 360 controller).

2. If you have a joystick (I suggest an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Playstation controller), plug it in. It should be recognized by your OS.

3. Start Kodi 18 alpha (again the Garbear version).

4. If you have ROMS add them to the system, just like you would add Movies or TV shows (they should be in separate directories, but under a general ROMS folder. For example:

5. Search for a game you want to play, and click it (no artwork when scrolling through your ROMS at this time though, so everything is very plain). You will be prompted for what core you wish to play this game with, choose any one you like. If something doesn't work, try a different one next time.

6. For an even better experience, use the Internet Archive ROM launcher (IARL) instead.
You will need to install the ZachMorris repo to install this add-on. So add his repo (download the zip file, and add it manually to Kodi). Then from his Repo in Kodi, install the IARL.

7. Be sure to follow the Install Instructions, then the Setup section: With the setup section, start at Step 2 (unless you are currently using RetroArch). Step two is once you are in Kodi, and you need to make changes to IARL for the program to work correctly. One final thing, you need to RUN THE WIZARD in step 4, this is very important or you get errors when you try to launch any ROM.

8. Once the IARL is installed, you will have access to Tons of systems and thousands of ROMS. These have artwork, and even short video clips on some of them. I've played NES, SNES, MAME and SCUMM games, and all were very easy to launch and play.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with this out.

@Powerhouse thank you for your excellent documentation writeup. My problem is that I have a vision of how simple and intuitive the finished product will be, but our current piecemeal system has a lot of holes that really impede usability. These instructions highlight exactly where the pain points are and give me a clear idea of what needs to be improved.

I've split your post to the RetroPlayer documentation subforum:

BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
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(2017-06-27 16:16)cmiller1 Wrote:  Would it be crazy to have a binary toggle or two in the settings for "use joystick.xml" and then advanced users can do everything from there?

Unfortunately yes, this would drive me crazy Smile The reason is because joystick.xml uses Kodi's existing keymap system. This means thousands of lines of code are re-used, but the down side is that configuration can only happen by modifying XML files.

I would like to have Kodi actions be configured in the GUI, but this would be a huge addition because I would have to bypass the current keymap system and start from scratch. I'm not against this, I'm just saying it would be a lot of work.

How do you think the advanced settings should look like? Clearly we wouldn't even mention joystick.xml, because if we have alternative settings then we can drop joystick.xml entirely.

BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
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(Yesterday 03:42)Domina Wrote:  My suggestions:

Franchise or serie (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Persona, Final Fantasy, The King of Fighters,...)
region (USA, Japan, Europe ...),
rating age (ESRB, CERO, PEGI,...) and
number of players (1 player, 2 players, support online multiplayer,...).
Region is a rom element, not a game. I read that the idea is have a "Game" entry and something there will let you select some of the roms of that game. I don't know if this versions can have metadata. The only alternative that I see to have this info is that a Game have all the regions of the versions that you have. And if this can be done, I think that Language is important too.


Other think that was commented is that RetroPlayer wants to implement (and there is a PR in libretro github) VFS to implement rom patching (and other things).
With this, one thing that i miss some times is the posibility to open the original rom or the patched, because you add:

And the emulator always patch the game. If you add the "Game" -> "open version" (for multiples roms for the same game, for example multiples regions or languages) I hope that you can add a entry for patched games:
[open] (Patched)

And if you can add something to add multiples patch and recognize it. For example, imagine that a rom you have 3 ips:
- Spanish translation
- Rom hack 1
- Rom hack 2

So you can have something to add this 3 patches (of course, only load one, but that you don't need to go to a file explorer and replace the "rom.ips")

I see 2 possibilities, always based in a "" original file:
Do a "rom" folder with all the patches: (edit: folder with the rom name)

And show in "Open": (patch: spanish.ips) (patch: hack1.ips) (patch: hack2.ips)

(If you only have one patch, you can still use the rom.ips, doesn't need to create a folder with one file)

*** Warning, save states, screenshots and save games need to modify his name, they can't use the "rom.state" because they will overide, they can do rom_spanish.state for example

Other is use romName_[otherText].ips as patchs names:

But i prefer the previous solution (have a rom.ips or a rom/patches.ips)
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