[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
Great addon, it works mostly OK.
There are a few things I would ask to correct, if that is possible,
1. I am writing this post from the same HTPC where I just used XBMC + NetfliXBMC. And the keyboard keys assigned to window control are still hijacked, specially SPACE, which inserts SPACE+NEWLINE each time it is pressed.

At this point I went to my other computer and drafted a mail, which I am cuting & pasting, because it was impossible to keep typing with the HTPC keyboard.
I would say that this is a bug, and I think I saw someone mentioned it before in the thread, but as of v1.2.5 it is still there.
I exited Netflix(Chrome) by ALT+F4, so I don't know if this info is relevant to the fix or not. Anyway, until a final fix is found I would suggest to have some function in the Add-on configuration to restore the keyboard keys to its original state.

2. The behavior in the "Viewing Activity" list is different from Netflix's. In Netflix when you press a viewed TV show episode you are taken to the TV show page, where you can choose another episode to watch, in NetfliXBMC it just starts replaying the same episode.

The rest are not bugs, more like requests:

3. Would it be possible to add "Resume Viewing" to the context menu, when a TV show episode has been partially viewed?

4. Would it be possible to mark a TV show season as "watched", when all episodes are watched?

I think all in all it is a great great add on and I am grateful you wrote it, thanks.

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