[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
I'm using Windows 8.1 here. For me it just worked - I had a clean install of Windows 8.1, applied all the Windows updates, installed xbmc 13, and Chrome and then the netflixbmc plugin. I have the "disable chrome kiosk mode" or whatever it is labelled turned off (i.e. Chrome kiosk mode is enabled) and it just works - it launches full screen and I can skip forward/back and pause/unpause. I have the Netflix settings set to "highest" for quality, and it streams great on my i5 NUC.

(2014-05-21, 15:09)rikoe Wrote:
(2014-05-21, 14:12)damonbrodie Wrote: I've switched to Chrome, for some reason that works with keyboard bindings. I've only got play/pause mapped to spacebar and skip forward/back mapped to right/left direction keys and it works pretty well.

I've since deduced that NetflixXBMC is *supposed* to launch Chrome directly in fullscreen as well (like it does with IE 11 for me), but I've read anecdotally online that kiosk mode is not working properly in Chrome under Windows 8/8.1. Anyone running Windows 8 with XBMC and NetfliXBMC that have seen a similar issue and have managed to fix it?

I'll be happy to use Chrome with NetfliXBMC as well (since the keyboard bindings work) if I can get the kiosk mode to work. Although I am still holding out hope that the IE11 HTML 5 stream on Windows 8.1 can stream proper 1080p content instead of 720p like the Silverlight plugin...

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