[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2014-12-04, 02:31)horstepipe Wrote: unfortunately the Utility doesn't seem to work.
I can't open its configuration menu from XBMC, and, if I remember right, this tool should also hide the mouse, which doesn't work for me, either.
Maybe this works only in Linux properly?

I'm really desperated not finding a way to close the browser, everything else seems to work fine.
I tried creating a batch which closes Chrome, made a shortcut and set a hotkey for it, but XBMC seems to block that Windows hotkeys (at least it only works when XBMC is not running...)

I've got a fresh alpha release of my chrome plugin you can try if you like: http://www.alelec.net/Netflix.Player.Con...-0.1.0.crx
I'm planning on open sourcing this thing but this is really early days, so you'll have to trust me that it's clean if you want to try it.

Basically there's two parts to the plugin; key remapping/addition when on netflix website and window closing functionality.
I'm planning on adding configurable options for which keys do what, but at this stage it's all fixed:
keyboard press: "P", "Shift+P", "Ctrl+P" or "Pause/Break" -> turns into: keypress Space, ie play/pause
keyboard press: "Escape"       -> turns into: Close tab (and go back to xbmc)
keyboard press: "]"            -> turns into: keypress arrow up = Volume up
keyboard press: "["            -> turns into: keypress arrow down = Volume down
keyboard press: "Enter" or "R" -> turns into: Reload web page (sometimes streaming fails and needs a reload)
keyboard press: "Space"        -> at end of episode during countdown to next show, this will jump straight to next show. Also, if auto start new episode sometimes there's a popup asking if you want to continue watching, this will trigger continue button

To install the plugin you'll need to download the crx, then start up chrome with the same profile used by chrome launcher in xbmc. in settings/tools -> extensions, enable the checkbox at top of page "Developer Mode" then drag/drop the crx onto page.

If you've got chrome launcher set to use separate profile, find the userdata folder http://kodi.wiki/view/Userdata
then start chrome from command prompt like this (or similar) and then install the crx as above:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --profile-directory=<path to>\userdata\addon_data\plugin.program.chrome.launcher\profile

ps. AddonScriptorDE, JasonPell, marcelveldt
This is a reason for me to have chrome launching built into the plugin, or more specifically having a separate chrome profile attached to the netflix plugin. Having a control extension in chrome give much more functionality on the netflix site than an external keyboard/mouse faking utility, as it means buttons on the web site can be pressed intelligently by the extensions js code and check if button/interface items are on screen, etc.
Ideally I'l like to have the chrome extension installed automatically into a new chrome profile on netflix plugin first-run so the end user doesn't need to configure anything, unless they want to change key mapping (eventually from options page in chrome extensions).
alelec kodi repo, hosting my binary addons not eligible for the official repo .
netflix, sbs ondemand, webdriver etc.


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