Is this possible: Click Live TV - go straight to EPG Timeline
I'm not totally sure what value the default "Channels" view offers above the "EPG Timeline" view, but I'm sure most people like it this way and that's why it's the default.

I have a remote control button mapped to EPG Timeline, because that's my preferred view. However when someone else (my wife) presses "Live TV" from the main menu, she's presented with the Channels view, which is different and causes some confusion.

My question: Can I modify the default Live TV action to show the EPG Timeline view? I looked around in the preferences both for skin and system Live TV, but did not see anything promising. If it's an easy change in the skin code, I'd be happy to try that too (if someone can give me some hints on where I should be looking).

Since no one seemed eager to help, I took a look at the code and figured out how to accomplish this. Two changes:

1. Move EPG to be the first item in the top bar (when in Live TV): In the file MyPVR.xml, locate the following "EPG" block and move it above the similar "TV Channels" block. That will reorder it to the first item in the list.

<control type="label">
<animation effect="fade" start="100" end="70" time="200" tween="cubic" easing="inout" condition="!Control.HasFocus(31)" reversible="true">Conditional</animation>
<animation effect="zoom" start="100" end="90" time="200" tween="cubic" easing="inout" center="auto" condition="!Control.HasFocus(31)" reversible="true">Conditional</animation>

2. Change the default "Live TV" action to be EPG instead of TV Channels: In the file Includes_Home.xml, locate the following line:
<onclick>ActivateWindowAndFocus(PVR, 32,0, 11,0)</onclick>

Change it like this:
<onclick>ActivateWindowAndFocus(PVR, 31,0, 10,0)</onclick>

Then refresh the theme. For me this seems to work just by going to settings and selecting the Bello skin again. That should do the trick. Hopefully it'll make things a tiny bit easier for my wife. I suppose I'll have to make this change each time I install a Bello update. Thanks.

Edit: Step 2 is now in IncludesStaticContent.xml.
Thanks for digging in to this! Haven't tried it yet but this is exactly what I've been looking for.

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Is this possible: Click Live TV - go straight to EPG Timeline0
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