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(2014-04-01, 23:39)MarcDavis Wrote: Hi XBMC folks - My name is Marc Davis and I am the current developer of the AmazonMCEAddin for Media Center. I'm looking for assistance with getting the UK and Germany versions of Instant Video working with the addin. The XBMC Amazon addin is very similar to my code (I think the previous author based his work on this but I could be wrong) so I am hoping what fixes one will fix the other.

I have already tried simple URL conversions for the web service calls but they return a 401 which I take to mean the request is invalid as formatted. I was wondering if the guys that developed the Amazon XBMC addin could share how they discovered the US web service URLs and if that method can be used to determine the UK/Germany ones. I am guessing the Kindle Amazon Instant Video plugin can be wiresharked and the URLs derived from that - but I have had very little luck with the Android emulator and - more importantly - I do not have a UK/Germany internet address or Amazon account.

So - I think we need some help to get this done. Thoughts?


Hi Marc,

I live in germany and could test things from here with my Amazon Instant Video Account.
I tried myself to just change the .com in the URLs into .de but this has two effects:
1. the menue options "featured movies" and "featured television" give a script error
2. the menu option "movies" does work, but it shows US-Movies

The second is strange, isn't it ?
Where do the US-movies come from when all URLs end with '.de' ?

At that point I stopped investigating.

I work on a Mac Mini running OSX 10.6 with chrome (but I could test on windows 7 or linux, too.

So, where to start ?

Greetings from germany,
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