Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-01-24, 23:51)teeedubb Wrote: Plain old double sided tape (3m or scotch brand, I dont remember exactly, I got it from a supermarket) has held up the led strips for over a year now on the back of a plasma tv.

Kev99, thanks for posting about your setup, Ive finally got the back lighting to work with full screen 3d games in windows by using ambibox. Smile

I'm glad you have it working. Are you using PlayClaw?

The strips I have actually come with an adhesive backing with a peel-away covering. But given the geometry, I wanted the LED's to face directly to the side, rather than straight back, so that's why I went with the hooks. A lot of people with the individual bulbs, instead of strips, have mounted them on frames that get attached to the back of the tv to keep them oriented out. For me, I wanted a way to get them mounted that didn't involve taking the TV down since it's 112 lb's of awkwardness.

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Video of my ambient lighting setup0