Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-02-02, 11:18)TRaSH Wrote: with uploading software to the Arduino you mean,
software like Ambibox ?

well we got a parts list what's needed to set it up,
we're only missing a step by step guide with screenshots for the software setup Wink

when i got all my parts i will also make a showcase and perhaps a step by step guide in 1 topic if no one else already made it in the meanwhile

(2014-02-02, 11:28)nickr Wrote: Wiki id possibly better. Thinking of doing that myself.

There is a guide for doing the software upload to the Arduino (amongst other things) is here:

The software that needs to be downloaded for those steps:

The Arduino IDE:
The Arduino Processing Software:
Make sure that you have the Windows driver installed correctly: For the Uno and Others and For the Leonardo
The software to initially upload to the board:
The software for initial testing in the Arduino IDE:


The AmbiBox Software:
The latest script to use in XBMC:

The COM port thing can be painful. But you need to know that for AmbiBox. Basically Windows will assign a different com port when you plug into a different USB port and sometimes, it seems, whenever it feels like it. Just look under Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Ports

I'll see if I can condense all of the info from the thread and write a post that perhaps can be a sticky in this thread? IDK how to make a post a sticky, though.
I'll also request access to edit in the Wiki pages...

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