unexpected panic (user not tmm) and questions
I've been trying to find a media manager I like, and have been checking out tmm. In my xbmc library I have 2 movies folders, Movies for tmdb scraper and Movies.IMDB for imdb (now universal). When I set this up, they didn't have the universal. So when I started testing tmm I only loaded the imdb movie folder, since it only has a few movies in it. Things went well and I was quite pleased so I added the other (larger) movie folder and realized things were not going as smoothly as expected. I thought the problem was that I had previously been using the imdb scraper and maybe tmm didn't know how to limit/exclude scrapers on some sources like xbmc does, so I thought I would just remove the imdb folder which is all cleaned up anyway. When I tried to do that, tmm said if I removed them I would be removing them from the database... and I panicked. I aborted that remove and then exited tmm. Full stop. Time for some questions:

1. Is tmm working directly with xbmc's mysql database? Ie, are changes made in tmm implemented in xbmc immediately? Or only when/if I update the nfo files?

2. Is there a way to configure tmm to use a scraper on a source-by-source basis? Or is it one scraper per type (movies, tv, etc).

Sorry for the panic. The other media managers I've looked at so far didn't touch xbmc's territory until/unless one writes the nfo's and I sort of assumed that was standard practice. Pretty dumb on my part, I know - I mean, I did have to configure the database access so what was I thinking? Tongue
No Problem Smile
Better to ask, than to loose some movies Wink

1) no, just our internal TMM database (tmm.odb)
All completely offline (for the time beeing), no XBMC evolved.
TMM just saves the nfo/poster/fanarts into the moviedir, where an "update" on the XBMC side will find them correctly named...

2) Well, we just have a default settings per type (movie/tv), but you could change that upon scraping/searching.
But no, currently not per "datasource" (as we call it)

Just curious:
What is the reason for you, when to move a movie into the tmdb/imdb folder?!
When do you decide that?

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Whew! Thanks for letting me know. In retrospect, I suppose if you were using xbmc's live database it'd have been mentioned early in the thread. I think I started with the original release thread before discovering the sub-forum. When there are that many pages to a thread I only scan the first 6-10 pages.

I really like what I've seen so far - you've done a great job.

To answer your question - when I first set this up they didn't have the universal scraper, you could choose between tmdb or imdb. I preferred tmdb but I had a small handful of movies that I could not find in tmdb but could in imdb. So I setup the second folder and second scraper. I think if I were setting this up today, I'd just create an account on tmdb and add the missing entries but I didn't know how to do that then. In my original setup I started with movies (the smaller type for me) and then progressed to tv. Once I got to setting up the tv shows I had so many scrape failures that I finally figured out about creating an account and helping to maintain the metadata.

But I never took the step back to change movies. If it's not broken, why fix it? Since then they've come up with the universal scraper so I probably will combine them eventually.

But that makes me think... xbmc also allows you to change the scraper on a particular sub-folder, without needing a completely separate source, which I also didn't know/understand in the beginning. So if it's possible to set a scraper at the root and then change it for individual branches - how does tmm deal with that? Presumably, the branch choices are to compensate for root choice failures, which would then just fail again if tmm is processing the whole tree based on the root...

If it just fails and leaves it alone that would be one thing. If it fails and tries to fix it... would it wind up undoing all the manual work that had been done?

Hmm. Maybe for now I'll continue to keep my problem children in a separate source. There may only be a few in movies, but in tv shows I have a number of manual cases. Usually documentaries, but also odd classic tv that I can't find info for (so I just make it up, and therefore don't want to add it to tvdb). Sorry, thinking out loud...
well, didn't know about this nice XBMC feature Smile

With 2.5.2+ i implemented a small change, where the scraper could dynamically change.
If your preferred/selected scraper (eg TMDB) does find nothing, we'll contact another one until we get some results... and use that scraper...
(I currently do not want to fixtate this to a folder or something)

Would this work for your case?!
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It sounds very much in line with the universal movie scraper, so that'd be great for movies.

I'm not sure about the problematic tv shows - the problem being that there just isn't any metadata source to find. Some of this stuff is just old and obscure. It may have been broadcast once, but mostly I think I'm facing the same problem that people face with home movies. I've gotten good at finding the metadata when it exists. And I've gotten very good at renaming. So at this point when I have a scrape failure I'm pretty sure they're real failures.

I always verify my naming and metadata before I give it to xbmc, so it would be fairly easy to just separate the problematic stuff into one collective unscrapeable source and manage it just with nfo's - not let anything try to scrape it. At least then I'd know where to put my home movies when I finally get around to trying to deal with them!

It'd be great if tmm had a 3rd type, especially one that could be set to no scraper, so that you could just use it to edit the details and then write the nfo. But that's just dreaming... what's really driving me to find a media manager is sets and tags for the movies and shows that do scrape, and tmm seems to handle those very well. So far, I'm a fan!
Great, thanks for your feedback and compliments Smile

Till we find a better solution, you could just use the "filter", and update only those movies listed in the one datasource...
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(2014-01-29, 06:27)sukelis Wrote: It'd be great if tmm had a 3rd type, especially one that could be set to no scraper, so that you could just use it to edit the details and then write the nfo. But that's just dreaming...

If you just scrape the movies which have no metadata, than the problematic ones won't be changed (also when no scraper finds a result for it). I have several "problematic" movies (some austrian cabaret shows) which are in my one and only datasource and I manually added the metadata from amazon and never touched them again. This works like a charm
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