OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I guess I need some help.

from some releases ago I am starting to have a strange problem.
while trying to play a video file (i tried several .mkv files) I get only the audio but no video.

I tried to start from scratch with a blank userdata but still no video. I tried to play with vertical blank sync and/or with adjust display refresh rate settings but still no success.
In some cases no audio and no video, but in most of the configurations I tried I get only the audio and the video is like hidden behind the fanart or xbmc menu.
I can activate the onscreen playback menu and I see play, pause etc, but no way to get the video.

I tried to revert back to confluence skin and I tried the latest gotham as well as some older releases

I uploaded my last log to the following pastebin
is there any kind person that would like to help me out
Thanks a lot


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