OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Had a lot of problems demonstrating with the 13/07 Gotham build at my parent's house today.

The network wasn't working at first, so it might be that some of the restarts (going into Pictures triggered them a few times) were somehow related to that.

Had a weird one where straight after scanning a folder of music into the library (empty before that) from a USB HDD, I couldn't play any of the tracks and it said not found, yet when I went to file view I could play them fine. Also one Album I tried to play (from fileview) was just skipping through at around 5s intervals. I tried a different Album and that worked fine. There tracks were all mp3 or wav so nothing exotic but it's possible the first Album files were corrupted I guess.

I hadn't cleared the Library of my own files (from a OS-mounted NFS share) before going over there, so I tried to Remove Source from file view for each of the two sources. It locked up both times. After rebooting the first Source was no longer showing, then I tried to remove the second one and it locked up again and after rebooting that was gone too. It was still going into Library and showing the same Albums/Artists though and I think I had to do Clean Library to get rid of them.

It may also be that I had a dodgy hub, as the one I was using at first, with the LEDs intact, was getting very warm around the usb sockets at the front. I've got an identical model that I disconnected the LEDs from so I swapped that in and it seemed quite stable after that (I removed the arm_freq=900 overclock as well though).I don't know if the heat with the first hub was coming from the LEDs or if it was some fault causing it. So it could have been a combination of no network, dodgy hub and some bugs that caused a lot of the issues.

Even without the overclock and second hub I couldn't get Poweroff to work though and it just left XBMC showing. I'm farily sure it had terminated that but wouldn't complete the rest of the shutdown process for some reason. I can't recall if I tried Reboot or if that worked. The remote mostly worked OK but did go into a phantom keypress loop once or twice.

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