OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-07-25, 20:29)tuxen Wrote:
(2013-07-25, 18:34)pootler Wrote: hi tuxan,

this dev build is definetely promising.

I use a lot of live tv and it seems fine - except for the intermittent ''now playing'' menu

I get the intermittent menu on all video sources? - be it films or you tube, etc.
I use a hauppauge remote which can sometimes be a bit unresponsive, but the behaviour I mention is not usual Smile

I don't have any problem with speed of shutdown - in fact its the latest rbej builds that I have problems with in this - I also really struggle updating latest rbej builds, they all seem to crash on updating!


Yep.. There is a SQL error in the build though. Look at so we have to wait for 3.1.5

When I mentioned shutdown I meant the menu had to many options than nesseary. Wink
About updating and the menu, could it be maybe you are overclocked to high?

What do you use for live tv as its something I'd very much like to look into?

Thankfully, I don't do anything as sophisticated that requires mysql Smile
I am o/clocked ( and usb as /storage) so might pull it back a bit to see what happens

I use a hauppauge twin tv tuner (usb) via a powered hub.
I use both tvheadend which is very user friendly, and also VDR, which is a bit more complicated, but very good as well. Still deciding which I prefer, but the gui feels a bit more responsive using VDR - as if it using less resources?

I would say it is only in the last 2/3 months that live tv on the Pi has become a genuinely viable system.

Many thanks to everybodys hard work,



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