OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2

Haven't been having much luck on the openelec forums, so I figured I'll try here (and excuse me if I ask something that's been asked before).
I've tried a few times to use the test builds (coming from 3.1.3), but no matter what I try, the second I try to modify something in the storage folder (namely creating and editing the advancedsettings.xml file), the raspberry pi no longer boots. I've ruled out the SD card, as I've tried three, and they all boot and run 3.1.3 just fine, but can only run an untouched 3.1.5, or test build.

I initially saw this when I tried to upgrade my system manually by copying the kernel and SYSTEM file over a known working system, and having the boot fail, so I gradually stepped back until I was at a raw system.

Any suggestions as to why modifying something on storage (using a test build) will render my PI unbootable (and I've run fsck on the sd card, and the partitions are fine).

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