OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Myth PVR has had show-stopping bugs in every Rbej build AFTER July 3, 2013. This includes the July 29 build.

1. Skip, including big skip and commercial skip does not work. Instead of skipping, the playback hiccups for a second and resumes approximately from where you left off.

2. Less important, possibly related: When you pause or skip, the display at the top right corner reports incorrect information. Sometimes it indicates a very short program length, just slightly exceeding the point you are in the show (like 0:15/0:17). Sometimes it reverses program length and position, and reports incorrect program length (like 7:22:00/1:15).

These features work correctly in Gotham alpha 5 (tested in OS X).

These problems appear to have been introduced with the experimental FF feature. If I have to choose between skip and FF, I'd rather have skip (i.e. skip, commercial skip and big skip). Accordingly, I have been reverting to July 3 after testing new builds.

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