OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Regarding the no-boot issue, have you looked into power supply issues?

I have two Pi's with different power supplies.
- A wall wart
- An onboard supply -

Whichever Pi is connected to the onboard supply is rock solid and boots reliably. The one connected to the wall wart supply is fussy - I have had to unplug/replug several times in order to get it to boot. When it doesn't boot, it is stuck on the red light. Swapping power supplies ensures a boot first time every time. FYI, I have tried several other power supplies — iPad power supply, "HDD" designated USB port on my TV — and they perform similarly to the wall wart power supply, so I don't think anything is defective - per se.

Last data point re boot up issues - overclocking, overvolting and connected devices exacerbate the boot up issue by drawing further current.

Finally, I don't know that the more recent builds are unconnected to this issue. Could there be a change to the OS that results in additional demand on the power supply during bootup? In that event, it could explain my and milhouse's bootup issues.

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