OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I'm having some trouble with the WOL feature. It obviously tried as there was a delay when I selected a movie to play, before it came up with the "Do you want to remove this from the library" dialog.

I tested with sending the WOL packet from another PC using WakeOnLANGUI.exe and using the same MAC and Subnet it woke up. It also has settings for Internet Address and Port number which are set to my no-ip address and Port 8 (which my router is set to forward to port 7 on the PC) but I don't think they're used when it's set to send over the Local Subnet rather than Internet.

I note that wakeonlan.xml also has the LAN IP address but I'm not sure that's needed either: This is what mine looks like (minus the MAC which I've removed):


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