OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
On this occasion, XBMC locked up whilst I was scrolling through the Timeline EPG, without any video playing. From the logs I can see that it continued doing stuff for several minutes after my last Down keypress, when it locked up and TOP showed xbmc.bin using 99% CPU again.

I am using an overclock of 1000/333 and overvoltage=6. Could this be causing it to lock up like this?

EDIT: I tried disabling the 333 overclock, so it was just 1000 and overvoltage=6 and after that it was locking up as soon as I pressed Guide to open the EPG. I rebooted and tried again and the same thing happened. It's weird as I'd been using this overclock for a while and don't recall having any problems and only added the 333 part recently.

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