OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-10, 18:01)Parallel Wrote: I came here looking for an answer to the same question SeriorPC posted... I need an .img file to install to an SD card from Windows using the likes of a Windows disk image writing tool. Not the .tar build files from the OpenELEC downloads page, which AFAIK do not work with the likes of a Windows disk image writer applications. I'm using OpenELEC 3.0.6 RPi-B at writing time from a .img download. But I cannot find any later version .img OpenELEC file anywhere online. Installing a .img to SD card is so easy. Yes I've read all the install Wiki stuff related to this I can find.

Maybe I'm missing something on this subject??

Thanks, David

You won't find a test version as an image file - there's just no point producing an image file for every test version as it's so easy to upgrade (or downgrade) from one version to another. You'll only find images for release versions.

So just upgrade your 3.0.6 installation to 3.1.5 by dropping the SYSTEM, KERNEL, SYSTEM.MD5 and KERNEL.MD5 files in the Update folder and reboot. You can find these four files in the "target" folder of the 3.1.5 tar file. If you want to go back to 3.0.6, extract the same files from the 3.0.6 tar/image, drop them in your 3.1.5 Update folder, reboot and you're back running 3.0.6.
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