OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I'm finding using Music extremely slow.

I scanned my music files (11177) on my PC and then transferred the database and thumbnails across, as I knew the inital scan would be quite slow on the RPi.

I've taken the timings from the log rather than try and time it on-screen but I think I've used the right times.

Entering Genre view (13:44:08 - 13:44:11) or Albums (13:44:33 - 13:44:37) is bearable but Artists is very slow (13:44:13 - 13:44:31) and Songs even worse (13:44:43 - 13:45:41)

I've updated a few tags, so started a Library Update on the RPi but that's crawling along. (13:47:57 - 14:56 to do 110 folders, only another 529 to go!)

Clearly I can't wait 5+ hours to update the Library every time I add some music or update some tags. What do other people do, just update on the PC and then copy the database and thumbnails across every time? I don't want to use a MySQL database as then the PC will have to be on before I boot the RPi and that's not going to make updating the Library using the RPi any quicker, so I'd still have to run XBMC on the PC to do that.

(2013-08-17, 15:59)spjonez Wrote: Haven't tried it in past builds but in the most recent Gotham release video calibration is broken. Overscan settings work, but pixel ratio doesn't update. Changing overscan leaves you with wrong pixel ratio and the UI is squished. Tried deleting guisettings and updating and issue still occurs.

How do you update your library in this build? The context menu options have changed and update library is gone.

Think it's alright in the 23/07 build I'm using. At least I haven't noticed any squishing after calibrating it.

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