OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Thanks Ned, if I understand it all correctly, then something isn't working right as builds since Jul 26 are much more prone to buffering than previous builds which had no buffering problems at all.

Edit: I notice that if I set <alwaysforcebuffer>1</alwaysforcebuffer> then I get a ~30MB cache in the codec info and very stuttery performance (but the buffer (B x%) is always much fuller, however the vq: x% doesn't remain high and often reaches 0). The default for alwaysforcebuffer would therefore seem to be 0, and in this case my cache is shown as "cache: 0", and this setting was fine on Jul 21 (both B: x% and vq: x% would be about 60%) but now since Jul 26 the default caching/buffering behaviour is not sufficient to prevent stuttering (B: x% and vq: x% both go to zero).
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