OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-20, 17:20)mike7 Wrote: I post a sample clip test.mkv

Yes, that's buffering for me with the default ac3 5.1 audio stream selected, even when playing from the beginning (it's too short to set a resume point).

It stutters at first, then stalls after about 25 seconds as it begins to fill the buffer, which then runs down to 0% just as the sample ends. I wonder if the CPU being maxed out (according to the codec info, CPU is loaded at close to 100% most of the time) prevents effective buffering?

My Pi is overclocked 1000 ARM, 500 Core, 600 SD RAM, with force_turbo enabled.

Edit: I just tried this sample with the Jul 21 build which plays Blade Runner without a problem, and this too buffers towards the end just as the bitrate hits 35Mb/s which may be too much for the Pi (plus all the streams). With the 21 Jul build, Blade Runner seems to average CPU load of ~90%, bit rates of about 15-24Mb/s, with the buffer averaging 60% (B 60%/vq 60%) sometimes 100%, and vb bouncing around between 0 and 81920, but mostly 0.
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