OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-22, 18:58)MilhouseVH Wrote: Presumably the size of cachemembuffersize has no impact whatsoever when alwaysforcebuffer is 0 and media is local (non-http)? That is to say, increasing cachemembuffersize will not improve local media playback performance unless alwaysforcebuffer is enabled.

Yes. It is possible that increasing video/audio fifo and queue sizes would be more beneficial than using alwaysforcebuffer.
The extra cache means an extra memory copy into and (probably) out of the cache.
cachemembuffersize requires 3 times the size required (1/3 is a back buffer purely there for seeking backwards small amounts. 1/3 is the normal buffer. I don't know about the other 1/3...)

On a 512M board we can probably afford more memory to go to the queues and fifos. No way of specifying that externally, but if you are building your own, you could play with these sizes.
Look for small_mem in xbmc/cores/omxplayer, and you can see the sizes of buffers used for 256M and 512M boards. Might be interesting to try increasing them.

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