OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-22, 22:21)Trickname Wrote: can someone confirm that movie start to play is slow ?

What build are you using, and are you using NFS?

With my own Gotham git builds (master, plus omxplayer patches) I've now started seeing that after a reboot, it's possible to try and play a movie (or tv show) and XBMC will hang when accessing the media over NFS.

Here's a debug log on

At 00:31:52 I selected to play a tv show selected from the "Recently Added" widget, although it makes no difference if I select it from the library
At 00:31:53 XBMC announces that it needs to get a new NFS context
<Lots of noise from the skin widgets - GUI is now frozen>
At 00:34:01, XBMC declares that the NFS service has failed, GUI becomes "unfrozen".

If I try to play the same media file a second time after the error has first occurred, it will play without a problem. If I wait a minute or two after booting before starting playback, media playback is always reliable. Seems like a race condition in XBMC NFS mounts? This is why I use XBMC NFS mounts only on this "test" system... Sad
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