OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-23, 18:58)SSC_Jarod Wrote: Sorry had a to work a little Wink
With the artworkdownloader you can download all artworks (banner, poster, fanart) and more (tv show logos, clear art...) but your skin must support tv logos or clearart....
For tv shows which doesnt have banner or poster, the downloader brings this missing parts.

Try evtl the skin Amber ( which is also fast for the pi.

Or download the so called "Super Repository", this has a confluence mod, thats support tv show logos and much much more. Wink


Ah, a little work never hurt anyone Wink

I'm not sure if the skin I'm using, xTV-SAF, supports tv logos or clearart but it all looks OK now and I don't have any missing art (apart from the music artists/albums but that's another issue).

So I can probably disable downloading clearart if my skin doesn't support it, to speed it up a bit. Not sure why it took so long on Movies as once it got to TV Shows it went very quickly.

I do like Amber and Confluence Modified and might use them myself but this RPi is destined for my brother and his old CRT TV, so xTV-SAF is the ideal skin for him.

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